Group Fitness Creates Community!


We are hearing about and participating in "virtual" fitness classes at our gyms and on-demand classes in our homes, offices and hotels. We are even working out with a trainer on our mobile apps in the park or on the beach! YES, it's easy, convenient and more important, high quality with rock star instruction - what's not to LOVE!

SoulBody has even jumped on this bandwagon with WEXER, allowing members to virtually take our Soulbody Barre, Unhitched and Power classes at health clubs worldwide, as well as BURNALONG, where our fans can take SoulBody classes at home or on the go. They can even invite friends to join  them on their TV or computer screen, creating even more of an online community fashioned around fitness. We also just signed on with a cool new player called NEO U that also allow fitness fanatics to work out on their own, streaming classes on their TV, tablet or computer. NEO U is on trend with a Fitness Hub in NYC where they host top fitness experts and creative workout concepts from around the world.

There is an absolute  "virtual fitness community"! We have all experienced it, appreciate it and benefit from it! This platform is becoming our new normal, but let's go back to basics for a minute. Let's go back to the root of where it all began - in the "Group Ex" room! Where if you glance in, you see all of  the motivated "Groupers" working out in unison. Now we see more "Mind/Body" studios within larger clubs with ballet barres, blocks, balls, straps, and mats for BARRE , YOGA  and PILATES - evolution! But what's at the crux of it all is COMMUNITY. Saving a mat, high fiving after a HIIT round or making funny faces with your neighbor (like you did in grade school) when the burn at the barre is getting a little unbearable! Then grabbing a coffee or tea after class to catch up and commiserate about how hard class was - that's a tribe! The beauty of the Group Fitness Community is it's surrounded around health and wellness, doing something vital for your body to ensure longevity and functionality for years to come as well as releasing a few endorphins!

The camaraderie of the Group Fitness Community not only comes from the connection and motivation of their "classmates", but from the "LIVE" rock star instructors. They are the "boots on the ground" at clubs and studios driving the tribe - motivating, welcoming, teaching, correcting, connecting, following-up...

We at SoulBody know and understand the power of our instructors who we call our "SQUAD". Although we deliver new choreography and music every quarter, they are the ones in front of the class, on the stage, walking around the room breathing true life into what we've created. They frame the "touch-points" for those experiencing our classes. The goal of our SoulBody Teacher Trainings is to instill confidence in our SQUAD to be able to create true connection through touch, voice, and demonstration as well as mastering the exercises and cueing proper form so they can join our mission of "inspiring through movement".

Bottom line is whether your online or side by side with a "motivational pack", you're hanging around the right crowd, doing something vital for your mind, body and soul! As the old adage says, "there's strength in numbers" not to mention accountability and upping your game! Invest in yourself, find your tribe and THRIVE!

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Best In Health and Fitness,

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Barbour