What is SoulBody Barre?

  • SoulBody Barre is a one-hour, mindfully-intense, pre-choreographed Barre class that uses the Ballet Barre, dumbbells, thera bands and inflatable Pilates ball.

  • SoulBody Barre is a full body workout with a unique method that is more athletic and fusion-based in approach.

  • SoulBody Barre shapes, tones AND strengthens the body as it combines the principals of Pilates, yoga, dance and traditional interval strength training with bursts of cardio.


What is SoulBody Unhitched?

  • SoulBody Unhitched is a one-hour, mindfully-intense, pre-choreographed Barre class that uses a weighted bar for both the weighted and “centered balanced barre” portion of class along with an inflatable Pilates ball.

  • It follows the same format and results-driven method as SoulBody Barre, allowing the class to be taught in a larger group fitness space without the requirement of the ballet barre.


What is SoulBody Power?

  • SoulBody Power is a 30-minute HIIT and STRENGTH class - no props! 

  • Certification is not required for this class; it’s available to current certified SoulBody instructors ONLY.

  • The class can be individually purchased or added to the quarterly subscription.


What do you learn at a SoulBody Teacher Training?   

  • Training is in BOTH SoulBody Barre and SoulBody Unhitched programs.

  • Trainees receive a comprehensive manual.

  • Trainees receive one choreographed class in EACH program.

  • All exercises found in SoulBody’s method are taught in full detail.

  • Learn set-up, execution, cueing, sequencing, working with the music.

  • Modifications and challenges are explained and taught.

  • Learn to motivate through personal interaction, connection and inspiration.


How many hours and what is the cost of a SoulBody Teacher Training?

  • Trainings are a one-day, 9-hour course or two-day 12-hour course (depending on language translation)

  • List price is $349 USD

  • CECs

    • NASM

    • AFAA

    • canfitpro 

  • IHRSA Associate Members

  • Gold’s Gym GVP (Global Vendor Partner) Member

  • NIRSA Associate Member


Are there any pre-requisites for the training?

No, trainees will learn everything they need to know in our one-day training, although having knowledge of teaching pre-choreographed programming to the beat of the music is helpful.


Will I get “certified” the day of the training?

  • A “Certificate of Completion” at the end of the training day is given to all trainees and CECs are offered through AFAA, NASM and canfitpro.

  • Trainees have 30 days to submit a video practical of them teaching the choreographed class learned during the one-day training. They can choose one or both programs to receive the certification to teach SoulBody’s programs.

  • Trainees are assessed on:

    • Execution of the exercises and proper form

    • Knowledge of the choreography

    • Understanding and teaching to the beat of the music

    • Set-up, cueing, follow-up cues, display of modifications

    • Connection to class and overall ability to lead and inspire a class as well as mastering the SoulBody flow and understanding the overall essence of SoulBody’s method

  • The delivery of video submission is of choice to trainees however, SoulBody recommends Google Drive, Dropbox, or We Transfer.

  • Once the video is submitted, trainees will either PASS or must RESUBMIT if first submission is not up to standard. Trainees will have two weeks to RESUBMIT, and then will either PASS or must sit in on another training at a reduced fee to start the process again. 

  • To be “certified”, trainees must subscribe to the quarterly choreography.

  • Once “certified”, trainees are officially a part of the SoulBody SQUAD and a part of a community of instructors who are passionate about teaching and inspiring others through movement. 

  • The SoulBody SQUAD is connected through SoulBody newsletters, a private Facebook group and open communication with Headquarters.


How often will I receive new choreography for SoulBody’s programs and what is the cost?

  • Certified SoulBody instructors receive new choreography every 3 months and are automatically billed quarterly. Costs of programs are: 

    • $30 for 1 program

    • $55 for 2 programs

    • $80 for 3 programs

    • $30 for individual back releases

      (All quarterly subscriptions are available for purchase online)

  • Instructors receive choreography notes, a video of the class along with a music playlist

  • SoulBody supports “original” artists. Music is purchased separately on iTunes or through Spotify with a Premium account.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time and will stop receiving SoulBody choreography. Instructors will not be able to teach SoulBody classes or call the classes by SoulBody’s branded name.


Once I’m certified where can I teach and what kind of support will I get from SoulBody? 

  • Once certified and a part of our SoulBody SQUAD, instructors can teach at a studio or club of their choice.

  • As part of the SoulBody SQUAD, instructors are invited to join the SoulBody SQUAD private Facebook group where ideas and information are shared.

  • Instructors receive the SoulBody SQUAD Newsletter for more detailed information, ideas, tips, instructor spotlights and insider knowledge.


If I wanted to become a “Master Trainer” for SoulBody, what is the process and what is the compensation?

  • Master Trainer Course and information provided upon request.

  • For information on Master Trainer Courses and International SoulBody Summits, contact info@soulbody.fitness

Do you charge licensing fees to clubs or studios?

  • SoulBody does NOT charge licensing fees to clubs or studios. 

  • SoulBody REQUIRES clubs and studios to call classes SoulBody Barre, SoulBody Unhitched or SoulBody Power on the schedule and use SoulBody logos for any marketing materials and timetable.


If I’m a club owner or program director and want to offer a Teacher Training at my facility, how does that work?

  • SoulBody works with each club on an individual basis.

  • If a club is paying for their instructor’s training fee, SoulBody will invoice the club separately.

  • If a trainee is paying, registration is on SoulBody’s website.


If I’m a club owner and have implemented SoulBody’s program, what kind of support does my club or instructors get from SoulBody?

  • SoulBody prides themselves on the support and connection with their team of instructors. There is consistent communication through our Facebook group page, SQUAD Newsletter, emails with Headquarters, as well as continuing education received via the Quarterly Choreography releases.

  • Health clubs are preferred partners of SoulBody. Each club is listed on SoulBody’s website.

  • SoulBody showcases and profiles their community of health clubs through their social media channels.

  • Promotional materials are created for individual clubs.

  • SoulBody encourages instructors to post on social media.


Will you be developing more programming in the future?

SoulBody is constantly sifting through the trends and develops new programming based on the needs of the fitness community. Their creative instincts, insights on Group Fitness through their involvement in the fitness community and their network of industry leaders allow them to stay ahead of the curve.

SoulBody prides themselves on mindful movement, inspiring through exercise and creating smart content that is effective, challenging, thoughtful and fun!

Stay tuned for more from SoulBody…we hope to have you as part of our SQUAD and family of clubs and studios.