About Us

Ann Marie Barbour and Stacey Vandiver have been in the group fitness space for over 15 years. They witnessed the rapid growth of boutique studio concepts offering unique, specialized experiences to their "tribes", edging out larger clubs and gyms struggling to retain their members and attract new ones. They wanted to help them compete and stay relevant with a proven formula for success — innovative programming.

With the rise and popularity of BARRE, they created SoulBody Barre (using the ballet barre) and SoulBody Barre Unhitched (using the weighted bar) for clubs without a mind-body room - no installation required! When HIIT exploded onto the scene, they put their mind/body twist on the concept and created SoulBody Power — their version of 30 minute HIIT meets strength - no props!

Ann Marie and Stacey’s mission is to inspire through movement GLOBALLY! They've created an amazing SQUAD of vested instructors who help lead the charge; a network of international clubs offering their members the SoulBody "boutique" BARRE and HIIT experience.

They continue to sift through the trends to choose, adapt and offer progressive, unique, pre-choreographed programs that are smart, effective and body-changing — set to AMAZING music.