From Injury to Invincible! An Interview with SoulBody Co-Founder Stacey Vandiver


Healing Trail

Stacey keeps a positive mind and strong body!

This winter Stacey had the incredible opportunity to ski Sun Valley, Idaho with a group of friends. They are all very high level skiers (Stacey included) but the conditions were a bit extreme with powder up to their knees and very little visibility! Yes there was an injury as Stacey tore her ACL (on her fourth run, although we’re not going to go there!), BUT what an incredible come-back having a mind/body determination and a great TEAM! Here is my interview with Stacey.

AM: What was your mindset when you were told your ACL was torn and you needed surgery?

SV: Well as you can imagine I was immediately upset as I knew this would effect my teaching, but that only lasted a short moment as I know mindset is everything! I wanted to know exactly what was involved and put my mind to surgery and dedicated recovery. I knew I had a good team to work with too! Dr Rich Levine for surgery and Jarod Felice of FX Physicaly Therapy…a dream team! I also promised my members that I would be back stronger than before!

AM: Post-OP - What did you do to stay positive?

SV: Focus on the positive is the biggest! And that applies to all in life! My ski accident happened, could have been worse, and what is done is done. The day after surgery I was doing tricep dips on the side of the sofa... I was not going to let this get me down! If anything, it was a time of rest and reset. I juiced, drank lots of soothing teas, and let my family and friends help me out…which is very hard for me…I am someone who does not sit still very well! Another big help post-op is not only inner strength, but physical strength. The stronger and healthier you are, the faster we can recover from a set back - I often talk about this in class.

AM: What did you do to physically rehab?

SV: I started with rehab twice a week right after surgery and went to work listening to everything Jarod and his co-worker, Pat Griffin had to say. I knew I could count on them to get me back in the studio. They were encouraging, supportive and highly knowledgable in how far to push me and when to back off. On top of rehab, icing was KEY! I was given the vast-therm ice wrap that I believe helped speed up recovery. Each week I was coached to try a little more, and through determination and persistence, I continue to feel stronger.

AM: Where are you now over two months out and what would be your top recommendation to those just going through this?

SV: Now 10 weeks out, I have full extension and flection is at 138 degrees! I am back in the studio teaching although with caution and modifications. I highly recommend anyone that is going through a surgery that sets them back, to shift gears mentally, stay focused and positive, and listen to your body (as well as the doctors!). No need to push it as full recovery will eventually come if taking proper steps to heal. 
This surgery was my first ever…and it has been quite a learning curve, realizing that the body is not invisible. I also realized I am blessed to have the support of family, friends and good docs…I LOVE MY TEAM!

Best in Health and Fitness,

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Barbour